Problems: Motion in one dimension Equations of Kinematics

  1. A bike starts from rest at constant acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. At the same instant a car travelling with a constant speed of 12 m/s overtakes and passes the bike.
    (a) How far beyond the starting point will the bike overtake the car?
    (b) After what time will this happen?
    (c) At that instant what will be the speed of the bike?
  2. A stone is dropped from a height of 19.6m, above the ground while a second stone is simultaneously projected from the ground with sufficient velocity to enable it to ascend 19.6m. When and where the stones would meet.
  3. Water drips from the nozzle of a shower onto the floor 3 m below. The drops fall at regular interval of time, the first drop striking the floor at the instant the third drop begins to fall. Locate the second drop when the first drop strikes the floor.