Problems : Interference

  1. Two waves of the same frequency have amplitudes 1.00 and 2.00. They interfere at a point where their phase difference is 60.0°.What is the resultant amplitude?
  2. A double-slit arrangement produces bright interference fringes for sodium light (a distinct yellow light at a wavelength of  λ= 589 nm).The fringes are angularly separated by 0.30° near the center of the pattern. What is the angular fringe separation if the entire arrangement is immersed in water, which has an index of refraction of 1.33?
  3. Light of wavelength 700.0 nm is sent along a route of length 2000 nm. The route is then filled with a medium having an index of refraction of 1.400. In degrees, by how much does the medium phase-shift the light? Give (a) the full shift and (b) the equivalent shift that has a value less than 360°.
  4. Find the slit separation of a double-slit arrangement that will produce interference fringes 0.018 rad apart on a distant screen when the light has wavelength λ=589 nm.