Problems: Density

Question 1

An engineer wants to know the mass of a steel rod which is 20 m long, and 0.1m thickness. (Density of steel is 8000 kg/m3).

Question 2

An object has a mass of 100 g and a volume of 20 cubic centimeters. What is it’s density?

Question 3

An object has a volume of 3 cubic meters and a density of 6020 kg/m3 . What is its mass?

Question 4

An object has a mass of 20 000 kg and a density of 4000 kg/m3 . What is its volume?

Question 5

A water tank measures 13.5 m× 16 m × 20 m. What mass of water will it contain ?

Question 6

A stone of mass 45 g is placed in a measuring cylinder containing some water. The reading of the water level increases from 80 cm3 to 95 cm3. What is the density of the stone ?

Question 7

The Physics Teacher wants to load some bricks into his van. There are 1000 bricks, and when stacked neatly they measure 2m by 1m by 1m.

a) What is the volume of the stack?

b) What is the volume of 1 brick?

c) If the density of a brick is 2500 kg/m3, what is the mass of the stack?

d) If the teacher’s maximum load is 1000kg, how many bricks can he load?