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1.1. Length and Time

Multiple Choice Questions


Units of Length, The MicrometerMeasurement of Time
1.2 Speed, velocity and accelerationGraphs
1.3 Mass and weight
1.4 Density
1.5. Forces
1.5 (a) Effects of forces

 Extended Questions


1.5 (b) Turning effect
1.5 (c) Conditions for equilibrium
1.5 (d) Centre of mass
1.5 (e) Scalars and vectors
1.6. Momentum
1.7. Energy, Work and Power
1.6 (a) Energy
Examples of energy in different forms
Energy conversion

 Alternative to Practical


Potential Energy; Kinetic Energy
Law of conservation of energy
1.6 (b) Energy resources 
1.6 (c) Work  : Power
1.8 Pressure
Manometer    Simple mercury barometer
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