GCSE Physics Revision: General Physics Extended theory paper

Mechanics 1

Fig. below shows the motion of a train over a section of track which includes a sharp bend.

Speed Time Graph


(a) The section of the track with the sharp bend has a maximum speed restriction. The train decelerates approaching the bend so that at the start of the bend it has just reached the maximum speed allowed. The train is driven around the bend at the maximum speed allowed and accelerates immediately on leaving the bend.
    (i) What is the maximum speed allowed round the bend in the track?                                                                                                       
     (ii) How long does the train take to travel the bend of the track?                                                                                                             
     (iii) Calculate the length of the bend.
(b) The train has to slow down to go around the bend. Calculate the deceleration.

(c) As the train is driven round the bend, what is the name of the extra force acting?
        (i) Draw an arrow to show the direction of this force.

        (ii) State the effect that this force has on the motion.
         (iii) State how this force is provided.