GCSE Physics Revision: Electricity and Magnetism Alternative to Practical

(a) The figure below shows the scale of an ammeter. Draw the position of the pointer when the ammeter reading is 0.35 A.

Alternative to Practicle 6

(b) The ammeter was used in the circuit shown below to investigate the current in a lamp.

Alternative to Practicle 7

            (i) Name the component labelled Y.

            (ii) The table shows the current I in the lamp for different values of the p.d. V across the lamp.

Alternative to Practicle 8

1. Calculate the values of the resistance R of the lamp, using the equation

Write your answers in the table.
2. Complete the column headings in the table.
(iii) Suggest how the value of V could be varied.

(c) Figure below shows a power source connected to three resistors labelled X, Y and Z.

Alternative to Practicle 9

Complete the diagram to show
(i) a voltmeter connected to measure the voltage across the resistors,
(ii) an ammeter connected to measure the current in resistor X only,
(iii) connecting wires to complete the circuit.