AP Physics 2 Exam Preparation

                                           Topic                                        Problems     Free Response   MCQs    
Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction
Electric Charge, Electric Force, Electric Field and Potential  *  *
Electric Resistance , emf, current, power, Ohm’s Law
DC Circuits with resistors only *
Kirchhoff’s Laws *
Series Parallel, and Series-Parallel Circuits *
Capacitance, DC Circuits with Resistors and Capacitors *
Magnetic Field, Magnetic -flux, Magnetic Force on a charged Particle  * *  *
Magnetic Force on a current-carrying conductor  *
Electromagnetic induction: Faraday’s Laws; Lenz’s Law  *
Temperature and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, First Law of Thermodynamics  *  * *
Thermodynamic Process and PV diagrams  *
Reversible and Irreversible Processes  *
Carnot Cycle, Heat Engines, Heat Pumps and Refrigerators *
Second Law of Thermodynamics, Efficiency , Entropy *
Density, Pressure: Atmospheric and Fluid pressure  * * *
Pascal’s Principle, Buoyant Force  *
Archimedes’ Principle
Flow Rate, Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s Principle
Geometric Optics 
Reflection,  Image formation by flat mirrors and curved mirrors * * *
Refraction and Snell’s Law, Image formation by thin lenses
Interference; Young’s interference experiment; Double slit interference pattern
Intensity of a single-slit Diffraction; Diffraction by a double slit; diffraction grating *
Interference from Thin films *
Quantum Mechanics 
Isotopes, Atomic Energy Levels, Absorption and Emission Spectra  * *   *
Models of Light: wave and particle, Photoelectric effect  *
DeBroglie wavelength, Wave function graphs  *
Mass-Energy Equivalence *
Radioactive decay; alpha, beta and gamma decay, Half life  *
Conservation of nucleon number: fission and fusion  *


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